j3 divine designs


j3 divine designs offers our customers a way to express their faith in a subtle and attractive manner.

The mission of our company is to spread the Word of God through beautiful, meaningful products. We hope that each product draws attention for a closer look and then the eyes see the message of God. We hope it will be a catalyst to help you share the Word of God.

Our logo is symbolic as the name of our company encompasses the Lord. j3 stands for the Trinity, Jesus three ways, Father, Son, Holy Spirit. The dot of the j is a tiny cross. It is entirely in lower case to express humility. The j is also in the shape of a cross with the lower loop forming a tear to symbolize our thankful tears shed for Jesus giving his life so that we may have everlasting life.

Our designs are divinely inspired and we hope you will join us in our motto to “Share the Word Through Meaningful Designs.”

Thank you for visiting our website and God Bless You!

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I was shocked and amazed when I saw them.  The quality is perfection. 

- Carol
Atlanta, GA


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