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Magnets Caution

Did you know that magnets could cause harm if not handled properly? The magnets we use for our “fun” jewelry are neodymium, or very strong, magnets.

•Magnetic field - Magnets produce a far-reaching, strong magnetic field. They could damage TVs and laptops, computer hard drives, credit and ATM cards, data storage media, mechanical watches, hearing aids and speakers.  Keep magnets away from devices and objects that could be damaged by strong magnetic fields.  Our magnets are small but it’s best to keep them away from these items, just in case.

•High-quality magnetic card (credit card, ATM card)

•Cheap magnetic card (parking garage, admission ticket)

•Hearing aids

•Swallowing - If several magnets are swallowed, by children, pets or anyone, they could get stuck in the intestine, pinch internal organs together and cause serious complications.

•Electrical conductivity - Magnets are made of metal and conduct electricity.  Do not let children put magnets into a power outlet and thereby suffer from an electric shock.

•Pacemakers, new or old - Magnets could affect the functioning of pacemakers and implanted heart defibrillators.  A pacemaker could switch into test mode and cause illness.  A heart defibrillator may stop working.  If you wear these devices keep sufficient distance from magnets.

Each package that contains a magnet comes with the following:

WARNING! Not for children under 14 years.  These jewelry magnets are extremely strong and could cause serious injury or death if swallowed. Keep away from children and pets. Do not use near a pacemaker, defibrillator or magnetic storage media.


Ideas Submission Policy and Terms

j3 divine designs appreciates your enthusiasm for our products.  We are open to your ideas and suggestions and we would love to see how you wear and use our products! Please send us your photos, videos and comments and you just might use them on our site!

Please note that if you would like to submit an idea, photos or videos to us the following terms will apply:

  • Your Submissions will be considered non-confidential and non-proprietary.
  • You are agreeing that your Submissions and their contents may be used by j3 divine designs on their website without any compensation to you or any third party.


j3 Returns

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, it may be returned within 15 days of receipt for full credit minus shipping.  If a return is not date-stamped within 15 days, the item(s) can be exchanged for a website credit within 30 days of the date of purchase. The item must be unworn, in the original packaging and accompanied by the original sales receipt. No returns will be accepted after 30 days. 


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