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Posted on 03/16/2015

Meet Faith Miller!

Growing up in the New Orleans metro area, Faith knew she was experiencing something special. Everywhere she looked, she was inspired to create, whether it was a breeze blowing through Spanish moss on the lakefront, or a wandering musician playing a soulful tune on his saxophone. Fortunately, her family was very supportive of all her passions, and encouraged her to use her gifts for the glory of the Lord. She has been blessed to be able to share her art and music with the church and others. So many of the people and places she has experienced along the way have made her the artist she is today.

          Faith has a strong background in art and music, which causes a constant inner struggle of where to finally settle her career. Ultimately, art won, even though she has a degree in Vocal Music Education from Louisiana Tech University and is still actively participates in singing gigs. After teaching for a couple of years in Georgia, she left the public school system to raise children and pursue her dream of starting her own calligraphy business. She started penning weddings when she was in seventh grade, and was hooked on the art of handwriting ever since. She launched a website in 2006 and since then, her business has skyrocketed as people have become very interested in the dying art of calligraphy, wishing to add that nostalgic and elegant touch to their event. Nothing makes her happier than being a part of someone’s wedding day!

          Along with calligraphy, Faith paints portraits, mostly using soft or oil pastels, and also creates architectural renderings. She can pen your wedding invitation suite, design your new logo, paint your dog, and sketch your house. She could probably teach you to sing too! Her other interests include genealogy, church worship team, baroque art, period drama film and literature, as well as interior design. Her next conquest is to open a letterpress shop so she can print her own designs. That venture should be up and running by this summer.

Faith currently resides in Kennesaw, Georgia with her husband of 18 years and her three children, all of whom are artistic and musical.

Jennifer’s note: Faith is amazing! She is talented in so many areas. Her name is Faith and the type face I liked best and used for the Bible Books scarf is called Faith too! I knew she was the perfect artist to work with me on my first scarf design.  If you'd like to work with Faith, contact her at: 


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