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Mini Mangers

Why are tiny things so cute and lovable? Human babies, animal babies, doll houses...Maybe God made us sensitive to small things so we would be gentle with them. Or just admire them more than other things.

This Mini Nativity is the perfect tiny gift for Christmas. It can be wrapped in a special small box or placed in a stocking.  Stocking gifts are so much fun! It's like digging for treasure. In them awaits a lot of fun and silly gifts, but one or two special gifts, and of course, the traditional orange in the toe of the stocking. 

Made of solid pewter, the eleven-piece set has characters that are only 1 1/4" high. 

Each child would love his or her own so that they can play with it during the Christmas season and hand it down as a new family starts.

Merry Christmas to you and your family from j3 divine designs!


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I was shocked and amazed when I saw them.  The quality is perfection. 

- Carol
Atlanta, GA


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